I distribute this film ad-free on YouTube. If you liked the film you can support me by buying a DVD or leave a tip

I distribute this film ad-free on YouTube. If you liked the film you can support me by buying a DVD or leave a tip


Niall Wright as James

Matt Jennings

Louis Rolston

Gerry Doherty

Margaret Goodman

A heart-rending gay/lesbian film of the classic “coming out” variety, James is the most emotionally powerful film of this year’s lineup, and through superior writing creates a worthy addition to this over-exposed genre
— www.shortoftheweek.com
Connor Clements’s “James” from Northern Ireland: a truly wonderful, and highly authentic, portrait of an isolated 15-year-old male, whose palpable desires for physical connection are consistently denied to him by our culture.
— www.gaythemed.blogspot.co.uk
JAMES is an astonishing film that deals with the topic of Coming Out and dealing with one’s sexuality. Connor Clements has done a Brilliant job in writing, producing, and directing this extremely powerful and important topic in today’s world. Connor presents a professional, mature, and interesting approach to a persons experience with their sexuality.
— SkyDad2000

Best Northern Irish short, Belfast Film Festival
Best First Irish Short 2nd Place, Galway Film Fleadh
Best Short Gaze Dublin International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival
Jury Award Best Student Short Palm Springs Shortfest
Best Student Cinematography 2nd Place, Palm Springs Shortfest
Best UK Short Iris Prize Festival
Outlook Award Best LGBT Short Film 53rd Corona Cork Film Festival
Award of Merit Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival
Best International Short 17th Annual St Louis International Film Festival
Bronze Palm Award, Mexico International Film Festival
Best Foreign Film, NYC Downtown Short Film Festival
Gold Kahuna Award Honolulu International Film Festival
Best GLBT Short Breckenridge Film Festival
Audience Award Breckenridge Film Festival
Best Drama UK National Student Film Festival
Grand Jury Award UK National Student Film Festival
Best Short Film, Honolulu Rainbow Film Festival
Best Short (Male) Fort Worth International Gay&Lesbian Film Festival
Chessie Award Best Short Film, Cineslam Vermont
Best Short, Barcelona International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
Jury Prize for Best Short, Image+Nation LGBT Film Festival Montreal
Best Screenplay, Grand OFF World Of Film Awards
Best Short, Coming Of Age Movie Awards